Thanks to the University of Oklahoma (OU) and the Price College of Business, I had the wonderful opportunity to live, teach, and travel in Italy between January and March of 2019. Sigrid and I hosted 18 Price College undergraduate students, who took two courses from me during the first eight weeks of spring and then two courses from Krish Muralidhar during the second eight weeks. The students also completed internships and traveled broadly during their semester in Italy. Beyond this, Sigrid and I traveled with our students on OU-sponsored trips to Assisi, Padova, Venice, Bologna, and Milan, where we visited a host of exciting enterprises and business leaders. What an incredible opportunity for such an engaged and talented group of students — they were a joy to work and travel with.

Undergraduate Marketing & Supply Chain Students @ Basilica San Francesco d’Assisi, Assisi, Italy
Price College students learning about how art history relates to consumer behavior from art historian and OU-A Director Kirk Duclaux in Basilica San Francesco d’Assisi, Assisi, Italy
Price College students at the Milan Fashion Institute, Politecnico Milano just following a lecture by Nicola Guerini (center) on the fashion industry in Italy.
Price College students @ Michelin in Milan, Italy
Visiting Sugar (high end clothing retailer) and its Owner (center) Giuseppe (Beppe) Angiolini AKA “Mr. Sugar”
On the Frecciarossa (Red Arrow) train going 180 MPH towards Bologna
On a bus in Bologna heading out to FICO Eataly World
Palazzo Ducale, Venice, Italy
While riding along the Grand Canal in Venice, our Vaporetto pulled to the side to allow the Carnevale water parade to pass by. Front row seats! If you haven’t seen the water parade before, here is the 10 minute show of the 2019 Carnevale Water Parade!
Sigrid and Ken dining with our students at OU-A’s “Monastery” student living area (beautiful facility)
A going away surprise party for Ken. What an amazing, thoughtful, and talented bunch of Price College students. I can’t wait to see them all back at OU this fall.