Bringing Top International Students to Boise State’s College of Business and Economics

In the spring of 2017 (Boise State Enrollment Services Census), the student population at Boise State University was largely US citizens (94.9%), with only 5.1% non-US citizens.  But business is global, so we must help our students to join the global business community in order for them to have a better opportunity for success in their future careers.  In my view, one of the best ways to accomplish this goal is to expose all of our students to many different cultures.  While we do offer study abroad programs and some of our students are able to take advantage of these opportunities, not all are able to do so.  In my view, a healthy university is a multicultural university.  So, you can clearly see the fantastic opportunity here for us in the College of Business and Economics at Boise State University — we need more international students and we need more countries and cultures represented here on campus.

To that end, the College of Business has been working hard to establish some exciting new international partnerships.  One example is a relatively new 2+2 program (first 2 years at National Economics University of Vietnam, last 2 years at Boise State’s College of Business and Economics) established in a partnership with Vietnam’s National Economics University.  Back in 2016, the Idaho Statesman featured this story in an article entitled “Boise State to bring 40 Vietnamese students to campus per year.”

Vietnam 2plus2

We have also just entered into an exciting partnership with Providence University in Taichung, Taiwan.  The next three pictures are taken at the formal signing ceremony and the fourth is at another signing ceremony with Taichung’s Mayor Chia-lung Lin, who is a staunch advocate of Taiwan and whose city has such important US partners as Micron and many others.

Providence Signing

Providence Thumbs Up

Providence Lecturn Petersen

Mayor Lin

We also are working hard at new partnerships in China and in the Basque Country of Northern Spain.  So, while you might not expect to find a culturally diverse population of students here in Boise, Idaho, we are working very hard to surprise you!  Did you know that one of the largest expatriated populations of Basques is here in Boise?  Did you know that Boise is a very successful refugee resettlement city?  Did you know that some of our amazing refugees run one of our coolest Community Sponsored Agriculture programs (Global Gardens) around?

Travelling notes:

If you ever travel to Taipei, you absolutely have to go the night markets and eat chòudòufu (translated as stinky tofu) and don’t leave without having at least one meal at Din Tai Fung.  In my opinion, these two types of food mark the edges of the spectrum of dining in Taiwan — amazing!

Night Market



If you ever travel to Hanoi, Vietnam, you absolutely must eat at bún chả hương liên.  Anthony Bourdain treated President Obama to a wonderful bún chả meal and so bún chả hương liên is now locally referred to as “Obama Bun Cha.”  You can ask any cab driver…but only use the safe cabs!


In fact, you can see the picture of Obama and Bourdain on the wall behind the table that our group of travelers and hosts are seated at.  Pretty cool.